To prepare young adults for life outside the church by strengthening their faith, placing them in leadership positions, and equipping them for ministry inside the church.

  • To provide an environment where young adults can grow in relationship and in love and intimacy with their Heavenly Father through consistent and focused worship and prayer times.
  • To help facilitate a deepening and strengthening of the foundations of their faith, through personal bible study and biblical studies courses such as Old and New Testament Surveys.
  • To challenge and witness character building and personal growth through participation in Freedom Session, attending retreats and converfences, and all-round active participation in the program.
  • To help them recognize the unique ways God has wired them according to their giftings and passions, and then give thtem opportunity to develop in those areas as well as in leadership through being involved in various ministries at Cedar Grove. For example: youth, childrens, and worship.
  • To have their hearts break for the lost and opened to worldwide and local missions through participation in local outreach and international mission's trips.

The Cedar Grove Interns Program is a program to prepare young adults for life outside of the church. The CG Interns meet on a weekly basis for personal Bible Study and prayer, teaching, leadership development and hands on participation in ministry through a variety of ministry tracks.

CG Interns are also a vital part of the Arise Student Ministries on Tuesday and Friday nights and weekend services by taking leadership in specific areas.

It is a nine month program that follows an academic year cycle, beginning the second week of September and ending the last week of May. Fall 2008 is the first year of CGI.

It is designed for young adults ages 18-25, who have graduated from high school, and who show a keen desire to go deeper in their faith and are willing to be challenged and stretched to step out and be used by God in greater ways.

All prayer/worship times, instruction and ministry tracks will take place right on the Cedar Grove campus. There are occasional outings and trips including Urban and International Missions Trips.

The CGI weekly schedule is designed to leave students room for maintaining a part-time job for about 10 hours a week.



10330 - 144 Street
Surrey, BC   V3T 4V3




10 am
9 am - Noon