Income Tax Return Help - Here and Now

Please contact Robert Brown, Lead Volunteer at 

We can help individuals who have a modest income and a simple tax situation. Individuals helped through the program include:
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Newcomers and refugees
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Youth and students
  • Homeless and housing insecure individuals
  • Individuals with a modest income
Modest income
To evaluate if an individual is eligible, use the following table as a guideline. However, you can increase the suggested total family income based on the local economic environment and the population you serve.

Please note that this chart is a suggestion only. If your resources are limited, you also have the ability to decrease the suggested family income amounts.

Remember: If you choose to modify the income thresholds for your organization, a note detailing any changes should be made when you post your clinic information on the website.

Suggested income level

Family size                       Total family income is under…
1 person                                       $35,000
2 persons                                    $45,000
3 persons                                     $47,500
4 persons                                    $50,000
5 persons                                     $52,500
More than 5 persons                  $52,500 plus $2,500 for each additional person

Simple tax situation
Volunteers should not complete returns for individuals who:
  • are self-employed or have employment expenses *(see exception)
  • have business income and expenses
  • have rental income and expenses
  • have interest income over $1,000
  • have capital gains or losses
  • filed for bankruptcy in the tax year (or the year before, if that return has not yet been filed)
  • are completing a tax return for a deceased person
  • have foreign property (T1135)
  • Individuals who have a T4A slip, Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income, that shows self-employed or business in box 048 may be eligible to have their return completed through the CVITP if all of the following conditions are met:
  • the total income in box 048 is under $1,000
  • no expenses are claimed
  • the individual is not registered as a GST/HST registrant and is not required to be one
Please contact Robert Brown, Lead Volunteer at 


This is a collaboration between participating community organizations and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  Tax preparation clinics are  being organized as  a “virtual” clinics: Telephone or Video Conferencing and No in person or paper filing.

If you are interested in volunteering, please:

1. Go to to register as a CVITP volunteer
2. Go to to register for an EFILE number  
3. They will need to obtain a Criminal Record Check (which is free as a Volunteer)

For additional information about the program please refer to the following link



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