Parent Information Night
PARENTING TEAMS SEMINAR 2:  Faith Formation in my Teen and Pre-Teen
Tuesday, Apr 23  |  7 - 8:30 pm
Back of Sanctuary (right side)

This month we will focus on what your teen's spiritual needs might be and tools you can use to raise your kids in a spiritually healthy environment.  This will include:

  • How to get your teen to church, to youth, and to read the bible

  • What tools are available to help discuss spiritual things with your kids

  • What are the top ways we can positively influence our kids spiritual formation

One of the sites you might like to visit is Heritage Builder's goal is to give families the tools needed to follow the Lord in unity.  Check it out.  At our workshop we will talk about our spiritual legacy, one that we inherited and one that we are leaving for our kids.


Steve or Michael
Text:  604-916-7411