BCBC Leadership Conference | May 26 - 27, 2017

Why Millennials Leave the Church | Dr. Randy Wollf | AM Workshop

Based on the groundbreaking Hemorrhaging Faith study on why Canadian Millennials stay in or leave the church, Randy will share some of the findings and several key implications for how churches can best disciple Millennials and Generation Z’s so that they stick with the church and their faith.

Communicating Biblical Truth to Millennials
 | Dr. Randy Wollf | PM Workshop

In this workshop, Randy will describe several core values of Millennials and how we can best communicate biblical truth to them so that they hear and apply God’s unchanging truth to their lives.

Randy has served as a pastor, church planter and missionary. He currently serves as an Associate Professor of Leadership and Practical Theology at ACTS Seminaries and as the Director of MinistryLift, a ministry dedicated to equipping people to love God more deeply and serve Him more effectively. Randy and his wife, Lore, have four children between the ages of 5-19.


Reimagining the Church Posture Towards the LGBTQ | Dave Jonsson

One of the greatest questions our generation is asking is 'how does my identity and sexuality interact with one another?  Are they synonymous with each other, or are they separate?' In this workshop session, we will discuss what the Bible says about sexual identity and the current cultural ideas.  Finally, this session will seek to challenge believers to engage with others who may view their sexual identity differently, in a way that is both compassionate and truthful to Scripture.

Dave Jonsson is pastor of Ethos Young Adults in Coquitlam. Father of 3 wonderful kids, married to Marissa for 7 years! Professional Skateboarder. He is a much sought after speaker in high schools and churches.

Reimagining Small Group Ministry: How to Create Intentional Growth Communities |
Pastor Michelle Felice

The Christian life is about spiritual growth. Discipling others to love Christ and his commandments requires intentionality and community. Whether your small group is a youth group, a Bible study group, a mentoring relationship, a book club, or a recovery group, in this workshop session you will learn principles and practices in discipling others so that every small group will be an INTENTIONAL GROWTH COMMUNITY.

Michelle Felice is the Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Coquitlam, BC, where she serves with small groups, discipleship and outreach. She and her husband John have been married 25 years this May and have two children, Nick (21) and Vanessa (18). 

Why Leadership Is Important In High School and Young Adult Ministry | Steve Swaddling

During this workshop, we will explore why youth and young adults both crave and need leadership development. Learn how we can do more than just fill roles for helpers or assistants, but instead provide meaningful mentoring and leadership development opportunities for high school students and young adults in our churches. We will also be introduced to the year-long “Dusty Feet*” discipleship program where young adults spend a year learning how to walk in the feet of Jesus, using His leadership model to develop as leaders.

*Program run out of Cedar Grove and available for any young adults in the conference.

Steve Swaddling is 53 years old and often thinks he hasn’t learned a thing in life (smile). He believes he is a life-long learner always developing his own leadership and growing as a believer in Christ. He has been involved in summer camp ministry (Daybreak Point Bible Camp www.anvilisland.ca) directing a teen camp for 7 years and currently serves as their Sessions Chairman overseeing the directors who lead the 11 weeks of summer camps. He leads and directs the Betty Huff Theatre Company (www.bettyhufftheatre.ca) putting on two shows per year. This past year, he served as Student Ministries Director (Cedar Grove Baptist www.joltyouth.ca and www.ariseyouth.ca) overseeing grade 6 to young adult ministries, and led JOLT (middle school program Cedar Grove) for the previous 3 years. Steve loves his local church (www.the-grove.net) and serves as often as he can as he believes the local church is the difference maker in our communities and country. Steve is fortunate to have 4 amazing mentors and leaders in his life (Aaron, John, Dave, Randy) who meet regularly for discussion and prayer. In his free time, Steve likes to play volleyball (setter), hockey (goalie), and attends live theatre as he can afford it. His passion has always been to develop young leaders and to grow passionate disciples of Christ; which he has been doing for the past 20+ years.

Navigating Faith Conversations in a Post Christian Society | Pastor Chris Price

Canadian culture is post-Christian and as followers of Jesus we can find it difficult to navigate spiritual conversations in an environment that is apathetic or even hostile to our beliefs. This seminar will focus on four practical principles to strengthen and encourage us in our Christian witness as we seek to be faithful Christians and accessible to our culture, without compromising on either accord.

Chris Price is the lead pastor at Calvary Baptist church and the author of Radical Hope, published by Apologetics Canada. He lives in Port Coquitlam, B.C. with his beautiful wife Diandra and his two children Kaeden and Mila.

The Art of the Difficult Conversation | Kim Blackaby

Leadership has been described as “a series of difficult of conversations.”  Effective leadership requires choosing to engage in those conversations in order to resolve conflict in a healthy way and walk in obedience and with integrity before God.  When is the difficult conversation necessary and what are the biblical principles and strategies involved?

Kim Blackaby, Christ-follower, pastor’s wife, mom to three great kids and student of God’s Word has served in churches both in Canada and Norway. Her experience leading women’s ministries during those years instilled in her a passion to teach women how to draw the life-giving water necessary to lead spiritually and emotionally healthy lives. Her motto is “Meet me at the River”. Kim continues to lead women’s ministries in her church in Langley, BC and speaks at various women’s events, both in Canada and internationally.

Offering Hope to the Homeless | Greg Booker [former Vancouver Police Detective]

When developing or operating an outreach that ministers to the marginalized, working poor, immigrants and those on Social Assistance it is vital to have a practical Outreach Model that won’t wipe out Finances, Staff or Volunteers.  This workshop take a "Step by Step" look at what checks and balances need to be in place, for programs to be effective, safe and accountable.

Learn how to keep your outreach ministry thriving and how you can stimulate physical, emotional and spiritual growth of the participants whether inside or outside the church.

Greg was a member of the Vancouver City Police Department from 1980 to 2009. During his career, he worked in all areas of the city in a multitude of investigative roles; from “beat cop” to Homicide Detective. During this time his heart was softened to the physical, emotional and spiritual pain of many of the people he was arresting. In 1999 Greg developed an outreach program at Cedar Grove Church which targeted the marginalized, working poor, immigrants and those on Social Assistance. Since that time the ministry has grown to 35 volunteers and has ministered to over 4500 people living in North Surrey.

Greg is married to Diana (37 years), a father to Tara (Adam) and Jeff (Tobey) and has 3 granddaughters. In 1998, Greg became an Overseer at CGB and developed an outreach program for those living in North Surrey seeking physical, emotional and / or spiritual healing.  Besides family, Greg enjoys camping, gardening, all levels of football and in 2012, obtained his Private Pilot’s License and is building his own airplane.

The Church Can Integrate  |  Selby and Ruth San Luis 

Overall, the Canadian landscape is presently comprised of plethora of multiethnic communities; and is a significant opportunity for the church of Jesus Christ to show how people of different cultures can come together as one body in worship regardless of color.  This workshop will cover principles, personal experiences, practical how to’s and lessons learned in the span of 13 years of ministry at Cedar Grove.  This session is designed to highlight effectiveness in ethnicity integration.

Selby & Ruth San Luis are the volunteer lead servants for thirteen years to the Filipino Community at Cedar Grove Church. They are blessed to be part of a growing multicultural congregation.  Both are first-generation immigrants from the Philippines and have been living in the lower mainland for most of their thirty-two years of married life.  Selby is a graduate from the ACTS seminary and Ruth is a registered nurse with the Fraser Health Authority.

Church Revitalization  |  Rev. Kevin Schular

The Executive Director of BGC Canada, Kevin Schular, comes from a broad ministry career as a senior pastor, along with other leadership roles in missions, compassion ministries, and Christian camping.  He was a pastor for 35 years - church planting as solo pastor but also in large churches as leader of a multiple staff team. Kevin was appointed to a five-year term as Executive Director of the BGC in 2016.  In addition, Kevin served 18 years as Executive Director of Assist Canada, a support ministry for national churches overseas. He traveled extensively in this role to nations like Nicaragua, Cuba, Turkey, India, DR Congo and Venezuela. Kevin also serves as Board Chair of the Mustard Seed Foundation, a compassion ministry offering shelter and life-skills equipping for the homeless in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.

Kevin has been married 36 years to Laura and they reside in Edmonton. They have three adult children and six grandchildren.

Main Speaker | Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh

Kevin has been the Lead Pastor of Cedar Grove, a multi-generational, multi-ethic (55 nationalities) ministry in the heart of inner city of Surrey since November 1997 and it continues to be one of the great adventures of his life. He has also led the Surrey Pastors Prayer Network for nearly as long and been part of inter-denominational leadership initiatives through out the region. 

Main Speaker  |  Bernard and Anne Mukwavi

Bernard serves as the current B.C Baptist Conference District Minister, working alongside pastors and churches in their ministries. He is passionate and committed to building a movement of churches that live out their faith within their communities in fulfilling the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. Bernard has also been serving as an adjunct Professor at Canadian Baptist Seminary (ACTS). He holds a Doctor of Ministry from Providence Theological Seminary. Bernard and his wife Anne have been missionaries and pastors on three continents: Africa, in Zambia, Europe, in Holland and North America in Canada. They are proud parents of three daughters and grandparents of one granddaughter.

Worship Leader | Pastor Rico Galindez

I have been leading worship for 20 years now, the last ten years in full time ministry as a worship pastor at a Cedar Grove. My desire is to have an opportunity to be a part of people finding their connection and intimate experience with the Holy Spirit. My heart is always attracted by HIS relentless pursuit of true worshippers, from the days of old HE has always been the catalyst for intense, out of bounds encounters. And everything that gets hit by HIS Spirit is forever changed. Kinda like getting hit by a train (it makes quite the impact), I doubt your life would ever be the same after that. I believe that you and I are meant by the Lord to be invincible until HE calls us home. So let’s live it like it’s our last...

Main Speaker  |  Pastor Spencer Stadler

Pastor Spencer Stadler was born and raised in Munich, Germany. He immigrated to Canada in 1972, became a citizen, holds two diplomas in forest resource technology and worked for five years for McMillan Bloedel before entering the ministry. After serving at Departure Bay Baptist Church in Nanaimo and Calvary Baptist Church in Coquitlam (where he was ordained), he began his ministry at Friendship as Lead Pastor in 1998. A big help and support are his wife Kathy and their three children, Stefan, Samara and Shantelle. He enjoys walks, reading and writing, and tries to keep his sermons practical and uplifting. He is also known for including a “story” (aka a joke) or two in every message. He has studied theology both in Canada and Germany and holds a Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He currently serves on the board of the British Columbia Baptist Conference. Spencer is thankful for a great ministry team and the many wonderful people at Friendship.



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